DIY Your Personal Story Course

DIY Your Personal Story

Write your personal story using your photos, memories, and recipes with The Legacy Recorder | taught by Gael Gilliland
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Course description

This course is about taking the time to write down one part of your personal story. The course will cover how to identify the core elements of your story and how to put them together in a narrative.

Who is this course for? Anyone who...

  • has thought about writing a memoir, autobiography, or doodling a stick figure of themselves on a napkin :)
  • has thought about helping someone else write their life story, memoir, or... you get the idea

(here's the heavy part)

  • has lost someone they love
  • has someone in their life who is experiencing memory loss and wants to work with them to record their memories

This course will help you create a personal narrative based on a photo, memory, or recipe. You will identify the 5 W's (who, what, when, where, & why) and dig deep into the story behind the photo, memory or recipe.

I've included a story by numbers (fill in the blank) to make it crazy easy and a plethora of word banks to help you find the perfect turn of phrase.

I can't wait to read your stories!

P.S. Still not sure? Check out this interview and see what Legacy is all about!

Gael Gilliland
Gael Gilliland
Founder & Senior Instructor